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Chocolarder Bar - Blonde 40% White Chocolate

Chocolarder Bar - Blonde 40% White Chocolate

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Made in Cornwall

Chocolarder 'Bean to Bar' Chocolate - Blonde 40% White Chocolate

Tasting Notes

Indulge in the delightful flavours of biscuit and caramel, melting seamlessly into sweet shortbread.


Cocoa butter, unrefined raw sugar, and milk powder. 70g

Bean to Bar

Crafted with care in the Falmouth Chocolarder factory, this chocolate bar embodies a sophisticated twist on a beloved childhood treat. Imagine the essence of caramel shortbread transformed into a smooth, irresistible white chocolate. This is the magic of caramelised white chocolate, delivering an extraordinary taste experience.

Natural fats from Ghanaian cocoa are expertly extracted and combined with the rich notes of toasted milk, resulting in an exquisite blonde chocolate bar.

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