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Chocolarder Bar - Cornish Honeycomb 50% Milk Chocolate

Chocolarder Bar - Cornish Honeycomb 50% Milk Chocolate

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Made in Cornwall
Chocolarder 'Bean to Bar' Chocolate - Cornish Honeycomb 50% Milk Chocolate

Black Bee Hives - Porthleven
Master beekeeper Matt Pitt takes great care of his colonies of Cornish black bees using sustainable methods. His approach is entirely stress-free and chemical-free, ensuring the good health of these fuzzy companions.

He supplies Chocolarder with fresh tree honey, which is used to create their own honeycomb. This honeycomb infuses the chocolate with rich, heavy honey flavours and a delightful crunch, perfectly complementing the creamy milk chocolate.

This exquisite chocolate bar is crafted at the Chocolarder factory in Falmouth.

Experience the deep honey and toffee sweetness, accompanied by a hint of toasted hazelnut.

Cocoa beans, unrefined raw sugar, milk powder, honey, and bicarbonate of soda. 70g

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