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Neom Organics Essential Oil Blend - Cosy Nights

Neom Organics Essential Oil Blend - Cosy Nights

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Neom Organics 10ml Essential Oil Blend - Cosy Nights

The Neom cosy nights fragrance is a rich blend of pure essential oils including sandalwood, frankincense and nutmeg.

A sophisticated, stress-busting aroma that's perfect for helping you to reset and recharge.

Simply add 5 to 10 drops of Essential Oil Blend to your Oil diffuser.

You can also 5 drops to a warm bath.

10ml (0.33 fl oz)

100% natural fragrance.

SANDALWOOD – A woody and earthy scent to help relieve stress.

FRANKINCENSE – Known to help reduce feelings of stress and worry whilst improving mood.

NUTMEG – A nutty essential oil known to help ease stress, tension and worry in the mind.

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